Ladies Who Launch & HK

Ladies Who Launch & HK

A few weeks ago I had the honour of being contacted by Emma Tattersall and Phoebe Muchmore from Ladies Who Launch wanted to spotlight me! LWL was created in early 2017 by Emma who's aim then was to create a campaign  that celebrates women in all that they do, with the simple aim of empowering the
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Owning a dog takes commitment, patience, a lot of love and so it seems, a whole new wardrobe. On my days off, there is nothing more soul cleansing than taking my Cockapoo Beaumont (otherwise known as Beau) for a walk in the park. We are lucky enough to have a great community of dog walkers,
Last week The Sunday Times Style magazine announced the 22 winners of the 2017 Beauty awards. Almost 1 million votes were cast and here are my picks that caught my eye – ones I currently use and ones I have ordered!!! Like Marilyn and myself (!) we all need to have a bottle of Chanel
The key to seasonal shopping is to walk the fine line of seeing through the must haves that won’t last a couple of weeks and grab the trends that will stand out but will not age. Here is a guide to pieces you should be buying now…. Wide legged ankle trousers - Whistles Twill cropped
I truly believe in timeless investment pieces, regardless of the season or year there are certain choices like a trench coat, white blouse and dark wash denim that you can always rely on. The definition of classic holds for a reason – any of these carefully curated choices are versatile to within seasonal piece. Start
So the first summer bank holiday has come and gone and we are getting close to the longest day of the year but with the longer nights, rising temps and the constant "getting bikini ready" <urgh> feeds on my instagram - I thought it was time to do a holiday edit. I love the sun
Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are practically everywhere, and whilst they are like marmite, lots of my clients are asking if it is too late to buy. I believe that the cold shoulder isn’t going anywhere for good reason: it’s feminine, creates a beautiful silhouette, and elevates everything from jeans to simple dresses. There are so
It was an honour and privilege to take part in the “Battle of the Stylists" charity event on Thursday 18th May. The event was coordinated by the wonderful Sparklets charity committee, raising money for Cancer Research UK. The battle put four stylists up against each other with the audience choosing the winning outfit… The other
Having refurbished our previous house, which took the best part of a year, I already feel like a bit of an expert before embarking on our second project. This one is on a larger scale than before because we are building a new house, but I feel more prepared and even more excited about it!
Every year I say the same thing - never again am I doing a big birthday party for my kids! The trouble is I can't help myself! This year Sophia turned 6 (gasp!) The good thing about this was that she had a very definite idea on what she wanted to do for her party,
With the weather being so unpredictable the last thing we want is to get caught out in the rain in the wrong coat or jacket. When we talk about dressing practically for the weather, we don't actually mean it! We all still want to look stylish and glamorous whether it's teaming down outside or not.