Owning a dog takes commitment, patience, a lot of love and so it seems, a whole new wardrobe.

On my days off, there is nothing more soul cleansing than taking my Cockapoo Beaumont (otherwise known as Beau) for a walk in the park. We are lucky enough to have a great community of dog walkers, so there’s no chance of running out of the house and hiding from the world.

Here is my capsule collection for a stylish dog walk in the country.

I also have a small collection of pooch coats to keep Beau warm in the colder months.

We recently celebrated Beau’s 1st birthday with doggy cake, plenty of toys and balloons which he had great fun popping. He’s definitely become a very big part of our family and we all love him very much.

  • Camo parka – Zara
  • Skinny high ankle jeans – Dark denim is a must for jumpy dogs and the skinny style tucks neatly into your wellies – H&M
  • Chic white shirt with a difference – Anthropologie
  • Wellies – Burgundy Hunters stand out from the usual colours  – Hunter
  • Khaki parka as an alternative a twist on the usual khaki mac – hood and detail – Zara

Happy birthday to our beautiful, beloved Beau…


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