Our frequently asked questions and answers  – however if your question isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to  me .

Do you only work with people that have a model figure?
No definitely not. I work with ‘normal’ men and women with ‘normal figures’. I work with clients of all different body shapes and sizes. I also take clients to specialist stores for tall, larger sizes and wide footwear.

Do you only work with people that shop on Bond Street etc?
I work with clients with a whole range of budgets. Some clients are happy to buy one piece, whereas I’ve had clients who book a personal shop to see the type of stores I would recommend for them, and the style of clothing I would choose, with no intention of buying anything at all. Other clients do not shop in-between their appointments with me and buy their complete season’s wardrobe when we go together.

What if my style doesn’t pair with your style?
My personal style will not affect the pieces we buy during the personal shopping appointment. Some clients give me the brief to completely change their style but most just want to present the most stylish version of themselves. We discuss this in depth before shopping so that I can pre-plan the shop to a tee.

Where do you shop?
Usually I will suggest a suitable location according to the clients budget, overall requirements, distance from their home and style. This could be anywhere within London. I do offer shopping day trips to alternative locations, for example, Bicester Village, a popular designer outlet village in Oxford.

I’m not at my desired weight and want to lose 5-10 lbs. Should I wait to work with you?
Most peoples weight fluctuates, and many clients have said they waited for a while before using me but wished they had just booked an appointment earlier. If clients inform me beforehand that they are planning on losing some weight, I can factor that into the shop accordingly.

“I don’t want you to see my closet, it’s such a mess and I’m embarrassed about what I have in my closet.”
There is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed. I see client’s wardrobes every day and nothing at all shocks or surprises me. If you do go ahead and book, please do not tidy up your wardrobe, or remove any clothing, you never know, we may be able to build a fabulous outfit from it.

Can we keep this private? I don’t want anyone to know I’m working with you…
Yes definitely. All my clients are confidential. If I do see you out and about, I would never engage in conversation unless you did first.

Do you work with people via Skype?
I do work with clients via Skype and am able to shop for clients in their absence. I tend to work this way with regular clients, whose body shape, personality and style I am familiar with.

Will this cost me a lot of money?
This is a question so many people ask me, and a question that all my clients will answer in a very similar way. The outlay seems a lot, but a few hundred pounds will ensure that everything you buy, designer or high street, will look amazing on you. All my clients book in to see me as regularly as they possibly can, and the feedback is they end up saving money by not buying pieces they never wear.

What are your credentials?
I began life as a Personal Shopper in flagship London department store after completing a fashion course at The London College of Fashion. I have worked as a freelance stylist for many years now.

Who do you typically work with?
I have worked with male and female clients of all ages, from 16 to 72. I have taken an 18 year old out shopping for her birthday, and a 60 year old as a birthday treat organised by her daughter. I see clients for special occasions, such as wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, Ascot wear, mums returning to work in need of work wear, stay at home mums who have lost their identity and require a stylish casual wardrobe. I work with many working mums who do not have the time to go shopping and have lost their sense of style. I also work with male clients for work and weekend wear. Large corporations also instruct me to work with their client-facing employees.

What is your styling philosophy?
I would say that confidence and comfort are key. It is important not to feel that you must follow fashion trends, as they do not suit everyone. Wear something every day that stands out and makes a statement, people will compliment you and that will make your day.

How do you determine which shops to take a client?
There are many different factors that come into play when deciding where to take my clients. The main ones are budget, style, lifestyle and wardrobe requirements.

How long is a typical shop session?
The personal shopping appointment is a minimum of 3 hours. Some clients like to continue past this point, but it is often not necessary.

I hate shopping. I hate trying on clothes. How do you overcome that?
All my clients come away from the shop saying how much they enjoyed it, and what a pleasant experience it was. Most of my male clients dislike shopping too, and they are all shocked by how quickly the time flies, and how much they enjoy themselves. The shop is pre-planned by myself making it a very efficient, organised process. I endeavour to book large, air conditioned personal shopping suites for your comfort at every opportunity, making your personal shopping experience as luxurious as possible.

I love shopping but still want a stylist with me. Does that work?
Of course. I am always happy to work with enthusiastic shoppers! Working with a stylist means that you can explore stores and styles that you would never normally turn to. It is an exciting adventure and style journey where you will discover new colours, patterns, fabrics and looks that you may not have had the opportunity to try before.

Can I bring my friend, husband, wife, etc…along with me during my styling/shopping session?
No. When we go out shopping, the appointment is for you alone. If you were to come with a friend our family member, their opinions would reflect on you, and this would be detrimental to your session. It is important that you feel completely comfortable, without the feeling of being judged by anyone else.