Wow what a difference! Lovely stuff. Really good shop. Thanks Hayley. My hubbie is looking hot ? you’ve changed his life! Xx”


“Hayley you’re fantastic! Amazing morning, thank you so much -completely transformed the way I shop. I normally buy odd pieces here and there but within a couple of hours I now have 6 different outfits complete with shoes and accessories too! Loved the fact that you picked out colours I would never normally try and got me out of my skinnies into a completely different shape of jeans which I love. Totally brightened my wardrobe and all within my budget, when can we go again?!! Xx”


Hayley provides the perfect service for anyone who is short of time and in need of a wardrobe update. I booked her for my husband and in just a morning she found him the most amazing pieces. I was particularly impressed with how quickly she worked out what suited him and also what he liked. She is lovely to deal with too! Highly recommend. Xx”


“Hayley I found it incredibly helpful and cleansing too. You have a great energy about you and it felt totally natural which is a testimony to your manner. Thank you and I can’t wait for the next detox! X”


“Hayley you are simply THE BEST!!! You are the business! I loved today even though I was secretly nervous and dreading it!! I feel so cleansed! It was so cathartic! I now know why all your clients love you. You have an amazing way with you. You are brilliant at your job really brilliant! You got through so much in such little time. I cannot thank you enough. You are a true professional.”


“Thank you for a wholly enjoyable shop Hayley. For someone that usually dreads shopping I can’t believe how many incredible pieces you found. I wore my blue trousers and jacket to a meeting today (lots of nice comments from work colleaugues) and now off out to the Chiltern Firehouse wearing my sparkly black trousers and the cream Reiss top and of course the shoes. Loving it. Thanks again.”


“Hayley. Had a great birthday party dinner last night. Lots of lovely complements re my skirt. Have never received so many lovely complements from friends. Thanks so much.”


“Hi Hayley was really lovely to meet you too and I m so excited and inspired. Love my newly organised wardrobe. I can now see everything I have and found it really quick to get ready for the school run this morning! No more frantic pulling at the hangers! Looking forward to our shop next Friday. Have a great weekend too”


“Hi Hayley, thank you so much for Monday. I am already enjoying the new clothes! My husband loved the jacket especially.
Can’t wait for our next shop!”


“After having my 2nd son and struggling to find a “style” to suit my life as a mother working in the City, I asked for recommendations of someone to help me revamp my wardrobe. I spoke to a number of people but really clicked with Hayley who clearly understood what I was looking to achieve.
We started with the wardrobe edit (most of it went to charity shops/on eBay) and then followed up with a shopping trip. She listened carefully to my budget and pulled together a number of outfits for both work and home. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone opened my eyes to new styles, designers and colours but at the same time will listen if I feel something really isn’t “me”.
I have had so many compliments on my outfits and I just generally feel more “put together” – her advice also covers accessories – and there have been several follow up trips to shop for specific outfits in the two years since my wardrobe edit. I am looking forward to the next one when I can justify it!”


“Shopping with Hayley has made a huge impact on my life. Getting dressed each day is no longer a stress but something I now look forward to. I feel like I am enjoying fashion again for the first time in years and am often complimented on my outfits and asked where things are from. She is great at mixing high street with the occasional more expensive pieces to build a great, balanced wardrobe. Having shopped with her for a couple of years I would never go back!”


“I would highly recommend Hayley Korn’s personal shopping service. I have never been much of a shopper, but I was in need of a total wardrobe overhaul. I booked a session with Hayley and I couldn’t be happier. In a three-hour stint she helped me to build an entire wardrobe of casual and smart clothes. Before the session she asked me exactly what I was hoping to achieve from the trip so that when we went shopping everything was taken care of and ran incredibly smoothly. She made it so easy and (dare I say it) fun, and I am very happy with the result. Her great eye for picking clothes and colours that fit me well, coupled with her professionalism, really turned what I consider to be a chore, into a pleasure!”